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We, the Central Region of CLC Canada, will commit ourselves to actively support the poor and disadvantaged Haitian people in their efforts to raise up and rebuild their country making every effort to collaborate with CVX, other North America CLC and the Society of Jesus, to be evaluated in an ongoing way annually.

With the following cautions:
1.    Be respectful of relations with other regions
2.    Respectful (of Haitians) – do not take over
3.    Be open to a broader focus of needs beyond Haiti
4.    Make sure help gets to the poor
5.    Need to deepen CLC spirituality

Discerned at September 2010 Regional Assembly 

2013 Update

Many thanks to all who contributed so generously, in so many different ways to the mission.

The Common Apostolic Mission Bears Fruit - 2013

Note:  A series of evaluation activities are in progress.   Follow the links below for results from a communal survey of the Common Apostolic Mission completed earlier in 2013.

Partial Summary of Survey Results                   Full Summary of the Survey Results

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Central Regional Committee Members

Regional Representative - Marilou Gonzales

Coordinator of Communities - Kyoko Leung

Ecclesiastical Assistant - J.P. Horrigan, SJ

Secretary - Pacifica Virzi

Treasurer - William Greenwood

Formation Chair - Judith DeWitt


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